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Medical English Clear & Simple: A Practice-Based Approach to English for ESL Healthcare Professionals

By Melodie Hull

F A Davis Company, PA, USA

Cranbrook, BC, Canada


Melodie & Mosby's 2016 (see below)
Melodie is well-published in (a) Medical & Nursing English and (b) Psychiatric Nursing, Nursing & Nursing Education. A list of these appears here in chronological order. Please contact her through this website if you would like her to write for you.

a) Melodie's published works in Medical and Nursing English

Medical language proficiency: A discussion of interprofessional language competencies and potential for patient risk. In the International Journal of Nursing Studies.  Article in Press pending publication Feb. 2016.  Journal homepage:

Excerpt from Abstract:

In increasingly multilingual healthcare environments worldwide, ensuring accurate, effective communication is requisite. Language proficiency is essential, particularly medical language proficiency……Proficiency influences professional discourse and can have the potential to positively or negatively affect patient outcomes.   While risks have been identified when there is language discordance between care provider and patient, almost nothing has been said about this within care teams themselves.  This article will do so ………..

Learning and Teaching Clinical Writing Medical English Writing (MEW), Maney Publishing, UK. February 22, 2013. MEW-22-1-55


This article discusses the genre of clinical writing as opposed to medical writing in general. Explores day to day writing needs of health professionals in the clinical setting and provides examples. Offers suggestions for teaching and learning the special reading and writing skills of this genre. Supports accuracy and enhancement of written communication skills that...

Medical Language: terminology in context. F A Davis Company, Philadelphia. February 4, 2013. Textbook.


Master medical terminology with a contextual, word-building approach! Build your command of the language of medicine using today's most effective methods. A dramatic clinical scenario based on actual hospital and medical office environments and woven throughout each chapter offers a unique perspective on how and when medical language is used in practice. Follow each patient...

Medical English Clear and Simple: a practice based approach to English for ESL healthcare professionals. F A Davis Company. Philadelphia, USA. January 1, 2010. Textbook/workbook


Master the English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills you need to work safely and effectively as a professional in the American and Canadian health care systems. This healthcare specific, communication-focused approach is your step-by-step guide to medical English proficiency. It is perfect for both self-study and classroom instruction.

Report: an overview of English language programs with specific focus on English for nurses at IUBAT, Bangladesh. Self-published. Melodie Hull. October 2009. (Available through IUBAT, Dhaka, Bangladesh.)


This 120 page summary completed by author was based on her self-initiative research at the International University of Business, Agriculture & Technology (IUBAT) in Dhaka, Bangladesh with the full cooperation of the administration, faculty and students. This final report has been instrumental in enhancing language teaching at the university as well as inspiring...

Whose Needs are we Serving: how is the design of curriculum for English for Medical Purposes decided? (2006), Self-published article.  Originally presented at the English for Medical Purposes Symposium in Beijing, China.


There is no doubt that English for Medical Purposes (EMP) falls within the category of discipline-specific language learning. This paper will offer a brief overview of EMP literature on design and decision, learner outcomes and learner satisfaction. It will answer the questions...
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Changing the Paradigm for Medical English Language Teaching (2004). Self-published article.  Originally presented at the English for Medical Purposes Symposium in Xi’an, China. Also available at


The traditional approach to English language training has done well to meet the needs of non-professional students. Today's global economy requires career-specific language that includes...
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Safety to Practice: a core component of English for Nurses (2007). Self-published article.  Presented at Global Association of Nurse-Educators Conference (GANE).


Nursing is a culture with its own language. Safety to practices (the provision of safe and competent care) is met when the nurse meets permeates practice and professionalism and is realized through language competency, not just nursing knowledge and skills...
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b) Melodie's published works in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, Nursing, Nursing Education

Mosby’s Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions 10th edition.  Editorial Board Member/Reviewer.   Elsevier USA.  2016

Legal Issues in Nursing - textbook chapter.  In Fundamentals of Canadian Nursing - Wilkinson, Treas & Nikolyn - F A Davis Co. Pending publication. Canadian revisions completed for this complete chapter on legal issues in Nursing

Historia de la utilización de medidas coercitivas en la atención psiquiátrica en canadá durante los periodos de pre institucionalizacion e institucionalizados.   Enfermería y Educación en Salud - Revistas de la universidad de la Serena, Chile.   May 2014 (available on-line)  Article.


Este artículo presenta una visión histórica de la utilización de medidas coercitivas como medio para controlar actuar y la violencia en las instituciones psiquiátricas en los períodos pre-institucionales e institucionales de atención de salud mental en Canada.........

Anger, Aggression & Violence - Chapter 26. In Varcarolis'   Canadian Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing - a clinical approach. 1st  Canadian Edition. C. L. Pollard, S. L. Ray, M. Haase (Editors). October 30, 2013. Elsevier Canada.

Chapter 26 deals with Anger, Aggression and Violence in psychiatry/mental health as well as in nursing in general. Key concepts of aggression, anger, bullying, de-escalation, locus of control, rage, trauma-informed care, violence are included. The Code White Nurse and Code White response to aggression and violence in a health care setting is introduced. Nursing strategies are developed.

A Call for Research: Canadian perspectives in psychiatric/mental health nursing may pose challenges for our internationally educated nurses (IENs).  Canadian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Research.  March 2013 (available on-line)

Prof's Corner:

This short, feature article suggests research is needed in Canada to identify whether or not IENs working in psychiatry/mental health share the same perspectives on mental health, mental illness, addictions and treatment. From my work as an educator with IENs in a mental health nursing course (10 years), there have been discrepancies between what the course and...

An overview of Canadian Psychiatric Nursing strategies and practices employed to reduce coercive measures related to violence.  Published in Violence in Clinical Psychiatry, Proceedings 2011 (Kavanagh). November 11, 2011.

Short version of paper presented at 7th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry, Prague, CZ. Prepared and presented by Melodie Hull and Jim Morton.


In care facilities and/or community settings, psychiatric nurses have long been on the front lines of violence, intervening to prevent injury to patients and others or damage to property. This presentation will...

On Being a Professional.  In the COMMUNICATOR newsmagazine for the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC.  Canada .  April 1, 2011 (article available on-line)


The term professional is bandied about in conversation often without a clear appreciation of what it actually means and how it differentiates one person from another in the work world. For example, is a taxi driver a professional? Is a server in a restaurant a professional? Is a lawyer? Is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse a professional? Formal recognition as a professional relies...

Psychiatric or Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse: issues of identity and education. In the COMMUNICATOR newsmagazine for the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC.  Canada .  June 15, 2011 (article available on-line)


The goal of this article is to share and discuss information about our name: our professional identity. Of course, deeply and intricately tied to that identity is our educational background: in professional educational programs, identities are formed and students are brought into the respective professional cultures....


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