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Medical English Clear & Simple: A Practice-Based Approach to English for ESL Healthcare Professionals

By Melodie Hull

F A Davis Company, PA, USA

Cranbrook, BC, Canada


Melodie Hull's English for Nurses and Medical Personnel© material is suitable for all ESL/EFL nurses who have an interest in learning career-specific English. It is equally helpful for those ESL/EFL nurses, nursing students and other health professionals faced by language challenges in health education programs (in English) that affect their academic achievement.

Nursing language, content and culture do exist. They warrant specific English language courses. Career -specific language is used in nursing, by nurses and it is found within the culture and context of their profession. An example of this is: "Let's get that started to K.V.O. Maybe piggyback some antibiotics later. We'll see how it goes." English for Nurses is situated in the field of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and the subset of English for Medical Purposes (EMP). As such, Melodie Hull's work is designed specifically for adult learners who possess some familiarity with the English language who want to learn a specific aspect of it or further develop skills and competencies in order to communicate within their chosen profession.

Language cannot be learned outside of a cultural context. Nursing language cannot be learned without consideration of the cultural context of the career. Language skills based in cultural competency provide meaning and membership for the nurse of a non-English speaking background who wishes to achieve this.

Nursing content can be identified through the competencies and standards of practice of the profession. Clayton International Consulting & Educational Services materials in 'English for Nurses' studies are grounded in these. The concept of safety to practice is introduced as a professional standard of practice in nursing/health care, embedded within the language learning framework.

For the ESL/ESP nurse, it is essential to appreciate the significance of professionalism and acculturation into the profession for nursing in an English-speaking country. These are threaded throughout all curricula. Professionalism is a standard of practice. Discovery, development and internalization of values and ethical standards occur in exercises that promote critical thinking and problem-based learning. Melodie Hull, the author is able to provide this. She is a nurse, nurse-educator and ESP/EMP lecturer. Her writing also includes case studies and exemplars that are genuinely authentic, based on her many years of experience in health care.

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