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Medical English Clear & Simple: A Practice-Based Approach to English for ESL Healthcare Professionals

By Melodie Hull

F A Davis Company, PA, USA

Cranbrook, BC, Canada

English for Nursing and Medical Purposes

The health professions have their own language, content and culture. Career-specific language is evident in the communication health professionals have with colleagues in written, verbal and non-verbal form. Melodie Hull writes lessons, courses and curricula for English for nursing and medical purposes. She also consults internationally on this subject.

When English is the lingua franca in a health care context and a health professional of non-English speaking background wishes to access it, language competency based in that cultural context will be essential. It will provide the avenue for membership in the profession in the new context as well as the satisfaction of being able to work safely within a new or foreign language. The concept of safety to practice is identified as a professional standard of practice in nursing, medicine and health care, embedded within Melodie’s language learning framework. Additionally, the significance of what it means to be a health professional differs around the world. Knowledge of the Western cultural perspective is embedded in Melodie’s work, enhancing a newcomer’s ability to appreciate, recognize and access the professional realm in English speaking countries.

Melodie Hull's English for nursing and medical purposes material is designed specifically for adult learners who possess some familiarity with the English language and who want to learn a specific aspect of it or further develop skills and competencies in order to communicate within their chosen profession. Specifically, her material is designed for all ESL/EFL nurses and medical professionals who have an interest in learning career-specific English relevant to their work or studies. These learners will be at the level of intermediate English language competency, a requisite for any English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses.

English for nursing and medical Purposes (ENP/EMP) is a subset of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) education that most often focuses on teaching aspects of medical English, particularly terminology. At Clayton International Consulting and Educational Services, Melodie Hull has gone beyond this to meet the true learning needs of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health professionals. Her work expands the usual focus to include language learning exercises within the context of medical/health studies and practice. These include critical thinking about authentic, genuine case studies, problem-based learning, evidence-based practice and more, based on her many years of experience as both a health professional and educator. She is able to do this with her unique qualifications as a health professional (Registered Psychiatric Nurse), Nursing Educator, and qualified TESOL educator (with a Masters degree).

Note: Generally, English for Specific Purposes materials and courses are designed for adult learners who desire or need to learn a second/foreign language for use in their specific fields, (i.e. science, technology, health care/medicine, and academics). ESP assumes that the target group has a degree of language competency in their first language as well as in English. English for nursing and medical Purposes is even more specific. The expectation is that all ENP or EMP learners are health professionals or in the midst of health studies at the college or university level. 'Clayton International' appreciates the richness and value this background knowledge contributes to the learning environment. Melodie Hull's lessons, courses and curriculum material provides many opportunities for sharing, comparing, contrasting and developing critical thinking skills related to Western health care and medical practices.

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Course name: Medical English – HLTH 1061

Now on-line at Thompson Rivers University – Open Learning Division, Kamloops, BC, Canada. International students welcome.


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